Short Answer:  Yes! Applying artificial intelligence to your current business can be very cost-efficient.  If you didn’t know this until reading this article, your competition may already be using AI and decreasing your marketshare.
– Michael Logic™

In 2017 your common businessman has to update his understanding of the current state of artificial intelligence.  Just mention the term and one immediately thinks Hollywood, Terminator and cyborgs.  Blame this warped perspective on the typecasting of the film industry.  In fact, artificial intelligence is already being cost-efficiently incorporated into everyday situations.


Fukoku Mutual Life

Japanese firm Fukoku Mutual Life Insurance is replacing its 34-strong workforce with an AI service.  The replacement artificial intelligence system will calculate insurance policy payouts, which the firm believes will increase productivity by 30% and save around $990,000.00 in employee salaries.



The car hailing application has a core team providing pre-packaged machine learning algorithms “as-a-service” to a team of its mobile app developers, map experts and autonomous driving teams.



The online car marketplace has a data science and insights team of 30 people that have implemented artificial intelligence to insure that users get proper valuations.

AI Gives You Time Back

Its simple.  The biggest advantage of artificial intelligence applied to your everyday business is allowing business owners to free up a labor force from “duplication” so most of your human resources (including yourself) can focus on “innovation”.    This advantage leads into MLA’s explanation of the two types of development in technology;  Duplication Development and Innovation Development.

Duplication or duplicable processes are what we suggest you focus on to get into the right mindframe for incorporating AI into your business this year.  In fact, the building blocks of AI are producing great results with fewer technical requirements and less time and money than many companies realize.

Introduce Top Level Efficiency

If you are not utilizing artificial intelligence by the end of 2017, it is most likely your business will not be able to compete with other businesses that are implementing AI in the following manner:

  • Virtual Assistants (have a robot working 24/7 that can speak with humans)
  • Predictive Forecasts (gain insight on future aspects of your business)
  • Automation of Duplicable Processes (automate certain sales process after customer commits)
  • Unstructured Data (said to be 80% of all business data … we can’t access without AI)


Importance of Gaining The Early Adopter Competitive Edge

It is very important to understand that companies taking this initial step are getting a leg up on AI’s future, since that step is going to be a prerequisite for everything that follows.  The businesses that are able to leverage AI early will achieve operational efficiencies well before others even have the chance to play catchup, and there are two reasons for this.

First, AI is not a technology that can be slapped onto an old system; it be should woven in throughout all your business processes. Fortunately, small businesses have much less weaving to do when accommodating new tech.  Those that can accommodate AI will position themselves to be much more customer-centric and they will notice the difference immediately.

Second, some companies will push back hard on being pro-active with artificial intelligence positioning.  Not because this procrastination is a smart business move, but simply due to lack of desire for change.  If a company cannot get past the fear of thinking that improving “quality” of service with AI will be too expensive, we almost guarantee your company data won’t hold up to the productivity that your competition will be benefiting from with their AI enhanced processes.

Get Started Today!

Michael Logic Administration’s Growth Package web service has been expanded to assist companies that want tech experts on retainer to help them grow into top efficiency with new AI resources.  Our customizable service lets you select how much monthly assistance you would like in growing your solution.

For instance, automate your current consumer sales data processes by integrating Salesforce IQ into your current ecommerce engine.  Salesforce IQ is a very affordable Customer Relationship Management system enhanced by artificial intelligence.  Said services take care of “duplication” while freeing up more of your time to focus on more “innovation” with your business.  MLA has a hidden Salesforce division currently helping businesses with this technology.  We will be announcing more Salesforce AI services soon.

Looking For a New Business Venture?


If you are looking to venture into a business opportunity in technology, apps like “Amy” from x.ai is great peak into the future of a business services driven purely by artificial intelligence.  Some beta testers are calling Amy “the closest thing to magic that they have experienced in a long time.”   X.ai’s Amy is considered to be in the AI category of “Calendaring”.  However, Michael Logic Administration can now help you innovate AI service solutions in the following categories:



For more information, please contact MLA VP of Business Development Michael Murphy at 708.518.6986

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