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Bitcoin Brainstorm

A lot of my friends & family ask me about Bitcoin
Here’s my take:

I’m excited about “cryptocurrency”. This is good.

For Bitcoin, there IS a treasure amongst that particular PROPRIETARY cryptocurrency .. yet Bitcoin itself is not the treasure. It’s the evolution of the process of accumulation and management of your treasure. It’s the Proof of Concept of something greater.

Proof of what Mike Logic??!

Right around the time your respected business leaders are questioning the exponential increase in the automation of YOUR job … in comes proof of concept of a “type” of energy representation that will allow for a new human ecosystem where each individual’s value can be defined in an evolved “trust” far beyond … “hard work for wages”.

Our current society already poses real challenges to the definition of what it means #ToBeHuman.

#iPredict, said real treasure will become a derivative of hyper growth in some form of global “equality”.  Why??

The underlying mastered technical concept of cryptocurrency is all about “DECENTRALIZATION”.  I will play my part and assist my fellow man by increasing his stride toward liberation through algorithms of freedom*.  Recall the first time you were introduced to peer-to-peer file sharing.  Imagine that exponential boost applied to your music and movie collection now being applied to your whole life!

What would this look like??

“Decentralization = ƒ(Equality+Trust)”

- Michael Logic

I understand if this next statement seems unrelated, yet I firmly believe mass understanding of what new possibilities is upon us will go viral once a passionate human uses the above concept of decentralization to express true love for a soulmate.  Yes.  Love brings ultimate understanding.

(My apologies. I know this is a lil fast … I will expound on “cryptocurrency” and “blockchain” in the first week of 2018.) #CountdownTokP
*“algorithms of freedom” – a catch-phrase I use to describe a suite of unpublished algorithms with optimal logic for creating a decentralized ecosystem with some very immediate impact on your goals & affirmations.