The Way Of The TechnoPath



I forged a new music group with my band geek music genius brother Vino.  Our goal is to push an agenda of … Love Every One Now to Avoid the Destruction of Every Earthling. Hence … ... Read more

Nerds & Gangsters

I don’t know … It looks like a blessing from this angle … It always happened … from Chitown to Doom City to New Orleans … the top gangster in the hood would stop ... Read more

Mike Logic Releases A Hacker’s Anthem

When you hear a rapper say “I’m pushing Kiis …” he/she is mostly likely talking about an illegal substance or drug of some kind.   Yet when MLA Interactive Director Mike ... Read more

On The Seventh Day

After spending many days in contemplation about the math surrounding my latest adventure,  I have learned alot from the humility brought by public service.  I use technology to push the ... Read more