Coachin Room Digital PortfolioGet your digital reference to your mastery placed in the Coachin Room for one full year. You will be among the vetted masters associated with Mike Logic's Coachin social wave.

(Annual evaluation and renewal is required on March 25th of every year)

Social Media Marketing AssistanceGain an edge on your competition by allowing Mike Logic's edutainment media to drive social media traffic to your professional services or products. We can get the attention of millennials for you!
Campaign AnalyticsPeriodically receive traffic analytics to let you know how many viewers are seeing you in the Coachin Room.
The Coachin Room ``Visionary`` RewardMike Logic lives to reward those with vision for the unseen! For advertising in our first edutainment campain, you shall receive a certificate for a ``Visionary Discount`` in advertising in our upcoming gaming-changing mobile apps: kNOw PLANS™, SmartLove™ & AllCombat™ Sports Management System.
High School & College Career Program SponsorYour advertisement in the Coachin Room will sponsor an invaluable connection to high schools and Universities via their career / mentoring programs. Pro-active students looking to learn from master coaches will be sending youthful energy your way in exchange for knowledge. At some participating high schools we will even have bright interns available to help you spread your mastery.

Currently MLA's "Coachin Room" Mentoring & Sponsorship Module is being used for Young Entrepreneurs Expo 2017.