Michael Logic Admnistration (MLA) is excited to assist in the technical and marketing evolution of the city of Chicago.  Our greatest company goal over the next 2 years is to provide game-changing small & medium sized business assistance for midwestern professionals, organizations and venues.

What is “edutainment”?

Some ideas are so progressive or omnipotent that an education process is required to gain full understanding. When masses needed to be educated simultaneously to evolve a part of common lifestyle, entertaining media is currently the most suitable delivery method. According to Michael Logic™, the term “edutainment” is an adjective usually placed in front of the word “media”. “Technical Edutainment Media” is creative marketing content that delivers a highly palpable method of thoroughly educating a consumer on a new technical installment in their business and/or personal life.

What is The Chicago Edutainment Stimulus?

Chicago has birthed a software engineer, Michael Logic™, who has a heart-felt desire to see this city benefit from his unique contributions to computer science and marketing.  Writting in this marketing manifesto, MLA provides a lot of powerful exclusive business information about our new technology and your chance to take advantage.  Visionaries who advertise in the Coachin Room are given a chance to review this document and get an edge of their competition.

The Coachin Room campaign is part of The Chicago Edutainment Stimulus.