The Coachin Room is not a physical place.  Our vivid marketing terms bring to life the idea of a network of coaches selected by a rising millennial leader for the purpose of guiding potential millennial followers.

What does “coachin” mean?

Coachin – The act of educating another person or group on a subject in which they have mastered.

“Coachin” has simply been brought to social media as a social/trendy version of “coaching”.  This term will generally refer to a social skill or in social settings when comparative competition takes place among friends.

Why should the Coachin Room exist?


Academics are great!  Yet school can only teach you so much. Especially in my field of software engineering. The rest of your growth should be a blessing of knowledge from a master of your intended craft.

“Michael, what if I don’t know my craft?”
Some of the world’s greatest leaders needed help in finding and cultivating their unfair advantage (talent). Fortunately, my new Coachin Room Edutainment Marketing Campaign puts that Michael Logic Administration (MLA) special sauce on a platform to help people answer said question.

When you look at this particular purpose of this edutainment campaign, it becomes quite clear why Mike Logic’s entertaining marketing style is what masters need reach these students with your education.

The Coachin Room is where student & apprentice can get that type of game they can’t find in a school text book … or on a website … until now!

How will the Coachin Room reach its audience?

Michael Logic Administration (MLA) has a team of special entertaining grass-roots social marketing team called MLA Special Agents.  This team is made of hand-picked millennial “attention-getters” that have what it takes to drive traffic and create brand awareness through social media content.  They operate like undercover agents in cyber space.  We motivate potential consumers via “edutaining” suggestive content created by MLA’s genius marketing specialists.

MLA Cognitive Theory
Every major algorithm released by Michael Logic Administration™ will be derived from what we call a ‘cognitive theory’; our scientific belief of an algorithm’s psychological intent for the user based upon interactive cause-and-effect!

An MLA Cognitive Theory leads to what Mike Logic calls a “Paperclip Algorithm”.  He takes the theory and automates a singular process which becomes the foundation of a particular business solution.

Countless studies in psychology, sociology, economics and political science show that out of the two types of core motivators are:

Rational Motivators – logical facts, data and premeditated statements

Emotional Motivators – situations, people or things that spark strong emotion.

From our research, we have seen most professional marketing consultants focus on the placement and optimization of rational content.  Ever so often, a few of them take a stab at emotional content and even fewer are successful in creating the desired emotion out of the consumer. 

Coachin Room focuses on emotional content for social media.  Roughly over 75% of our decisions derive from emotional motivators.  MLA has categorized the emotional motivators into 9 types in 3 groups:


Coachin Room marketing energy will place said psychological trigger groups in rotation into social media. Motivated mellenials will follow this emotional energy.  The content produced shall be in the form of:

The Coachin Official Music Video (coming soon)

Coachin Room Memes and MLA creative graphic design

Cinematic Interviews with selected advertising coaches for strategic video placement.