The Future of Full Truckload Shipping

DashHaul is transforming the way company’s ship and haul full truckload freight. By seamlessly connecting shippers and carriers to a real-time mobile logistics network, we make truck capacity and load availability more accessible. DashHaul will strive to bring shippers and carriers closer together in order to create a more efficient and transparent Full Truckload Shipping Process.

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For shippers, DashHaul is a capacity solution. We push the limits of the trucking industry to create a simple and efficient Full Truckload Shipping experience. The idea is to bridge the gap that exists between Shippers, and Truckers that operate in the spot market, with technology. This will help Shippers reduce their transportation spend through increased efficiency and guarantee them additional capacity through carrier augmentation.

Carriers join DashHaul because they want better paying freight, an easier way to find loads, faster pay and more respect. The DashHaul platform increases efficiency and optimizes route planning for you and your company. Whether you’re a company of 1 truck or 5000, our goal is to maximize your fleet utilization and help you build a sustainable freight network that will bring long term value to your company. We do this by connecting you with dedicated and backhaul lanes that that fit your needs.

Why choose DashHaul?

Team DashHaul has over 60 years of combined experience in Transportation, Manufacturing, Technology and Logistics. Building a diverse team of individuals with experience in a multitude of different segments across the supply chain has allowed us to develop a system that will create efficiencies and lower costs for the logistics industry.

The Bottom Line

DashHaul will reduce costs and increase operational efficiency for our users by providing seamless access to on-demand truck capacity and freight.

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Face to Face with DashHaul Mobile Network



iPhone & iPad Compatible

Shipments can now be tracked in realtime via driver’s mobile app.

Simple Fleet Vehicle & Driver Management

Swiftly manage drivers and vehicles in your network.  Fleet Drivers securely login to the network with just their phone number.

DashMessages & DashDocs

Instant messaging between shipper and driver.  All messages are stored with the Shipment detail.  DashMessages and DashDocs keeps your delivery organize.

Intelligent Matching Algorithm

DashHaul automates the process of searching for shipments and carriers to deliver them.  This process will virtually eliminate the inefficient dispatcher.

Driver Alerts

All parties benefit from Drivers receiving verbose communication in realtime on the road.  Text messages and Push Notifications are sent for load offers and driver assignements.  


Michael Logic™ and build the Uber of Freight.


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