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Dick Gregory on Artificial Intelligence

MLA Strategic Alliance guru, AnDrea “Fuzzy” Lyn, provided a wonderful opportunity for us to meet the honorable Dick Gregory. During an intimate fireside chat, Mr. Gregory was able to give us a few words on the age of artificial intelligence.

Meeting Richard Claxton “Dick” Gregory was definitely a landmark moment in the journey of Michael Logic Administration.  He is the quintessential definition of a “wise grandfather.”   At age 84, his mind is as fast as any millennial and possessing a wealth of knowledge that would impress anyone with the desire to know more.  Mr. Gregory opened up the floor for questions.  Of course, we wanted his amazing insight on artificial intelligence:


“Upon hearing his answer, I knew I would have to synthesize it while he let me have it.  What comes to mind is a cliche .. ‘Intelligent people sound like crazy people to ignorant people.’  You will miss the genius of his quick witty response if you don’t listen between the words.”

“That’s what dey scarrred of!”

We are all aware of our fear of the future.  MLA teaches that “Technology = Change”.  Since one of the most impactful changes taking place is the evolution of artificial intelligence, it is only right our world leaders have extreme caution on this subject.  Innovators must try and fail at the unknown to build the foundation for our new reality.  It is our will alone that can show us our greatest rewards are on the other side of this fear.

“They never told you about Cadillacs that they made that were bad!”

Dick states that technologist and policy makers are having development issues with impactful artificial intelligence implementations. History has shown us how manufacturers cover up failures on major technological dependencies like our automobiles.

“That’s why they had to go get Trump!  To have yall talking about THAT!”

Mr. Gregory states his opinion that Donald Trump is the desired front-man for making executive decisions to aid in the cover up of the disappearance of many NASA scientists.  Dick urges you to search on “74 NASA scientists murdered” & “Trump budget for NASA” subjects to see the public references help you make up your own mind.

Gregory also believes that the deceased NASA scientists had an agenda of releasing certain information to the public to correct previous reports and stories.  Your research could start here.

“Cuz you could be that .. and not know it.”

Then he even calls Mike Logic a robot??
Let me know what you find on that :-)