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Mike Logic Releases a Hacker's Anthem

When you hear a rapper say “I’m pushing Kiis …” he/she is mostly likely talking about an illegal substance or drug of some kind.   Yet when MLA Interactive Director Mike Logic says ” … the binary brotha pushin keys over seas …”  he is definitely talking about some software algorithm he is engineering.

DJ Ykcor of Beat 94.7FM (Charlotte, NC.) released his long awaited album “Yokee For President” on September 16th, 2014.  On this album Ykcor produced Mike Logic’s hackers anthem entitled “Digital Hustla”.



A vintage hard-hitting, epic, movie thriller beat was what DJ Ykcor served him to come up with this classic timeless hip hop track.  Michael fell in love with the instrumental because it felt like following behind Lauryn Hill (Killing Me Softy) and/or Prodigy from Mobb Deep (G.O.D. pt III) in their prime.


Of course, Mike sang the hook too.  His goal was to take computer nerds to “Tech Church” by singing praises to the CPU within them.  ”Digital Hustla” has officially become a fun part of MLA’s nouveau corporate culture.  All designers and coders are challenged to learn and recite Logic’s verse before being official hired as a MLA “TechnoPath”.     This song is a great contrast to his latest single “Chemistry”, a soft smooth passionate cadillac riding groove.


“Digital Hustla” on iTunes

“Digital Hustla” on Amazon Music

ALSO … Check out Mike Logic’s first OFFICIAL music video.  (Hint Hint) Look for the new tech product placement that takes place in this wonderful production directed by Lionel Hickenbottom.


“Chemistry” – written, produced & performed by Michael Logic