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The Priceless Organic Energy of a Hustler

I forged a new music group with my band geek music genius brother Vino.  Our goal is to push an agenda of …

Love Every One Now to Avoid the Destruction of Every Earthling.

Hence … Leonadee™


Leonadee is going to show you exactly what would happen if you dropped some street savvy nerds with hands into the trap …. not be scared to be unique and uplift the trap without getting religious on ‘em.  We respect pastors and shall leave salvation to the ordained.



Yes. This is about ones who possess that hustler’s spirit. Here’s what you can’t buy;  the organic will and experience necessary to make it out of the trap with bottlenecked options. You are worth your weight in platinum and no human born into privilege can duplicate your organic power as an ENTRAPRENEUR!

Leonadee is embarking on an entertaining journey of wrestling with artificial intelligence from a well known IT goliath using Vino’s natural music and Mike Logic’s natural technology aptitude and marketing vision to provide outside-the-box options for motivated hustlers.  You will be able to follow this journey in the form of an engaging reality show called “Pushin Keys”.  More details will be announced soon @


Lyrics to: “Entrapreneur” – written, produced, & performed by Leonadee

:: VERSE I ::

Early Bird game
Start his hustle at 4:30
Cooking master plans he say
“You Will Not Outwork Me”
Got a whip for his daddy
And a house his momma
She boujie and she bad ..
His wife doing what she wanna
Plottin on checks
with a couple of them commas
Duckin n dodging the drama
Leadership Mike Obama
Ambition on 10. He will win. So bet him
Man understand
he’s got his weight up like a gym.
Everyday he is a miirrraaacle
Getting so statiiiistiiiical
And he’s no typical

:: CHORUS ::

Mr Entrepreneur has a big dream
He’s dedicated to the work
and he’s budgets green
Mr Entrepreneur keeps on hustling
He won’t quit  -No
He’s gotta feed the whole team.



He’s in a league all by himself
Gentleman with the hand of help
Blowing up Fuuubuuu did
Getting views like yoootuuube hits
Everybody’s like “whooo diiis kid?!”
How could he make moooves thiiis big?!
Work alot like ohhh myyyy god
PushinKeys till his finnnngerrrrs throb
Its HD Netflix
While the others looked like DVDs
His brother Vino never miss a beat
So you ain’t see G
Troubled up with Tribulations
He comes thru with explanation
Smooth it over wit education
Then close with a consolation
Obstacles up .. He’s knocking down
If they get too big … He’s running around.




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