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Know someone with a great idea?

Has your loved one been consumed by thoughts of a new technical idea and needs guidance on how to execute?

For only $1,500 (a $5,000 value), bring your idea to your Digital Dream Merchants at Michael Logic Administration. We will turn your dream into a tangible technical game plan provided by experienced MLA software engineers and business developers.

Mike Logic's Gift of Intel

What is a Gift of Intel?

Mike Logic’s Gift of Intel is a digital package detailing a prescribed technical solution for automating the business and/or entertainment logic of a new idea/product/service. Your digital package will contain:

  • 2 Video Conferences with Mike Logic ($460 value)
    Each video conference will allot up to two hours for consultation. Conferences includes screen sharing for certain examples.
  • 1 Project Development Detail ($1,000 value)
    This detail includes tech specs for right platform and tools needed to engineer your app.
    Sample Dev Detail
  • 1 User Experience Design Pack ($2,000 value)
    We prepare a visual display of the application in which your consumers/users will interact with your idea/product/service.
    Sample Mobile UI Design Pack
    Sample Web UI Design Pack
  • 1 Mini-Maintenance & Growth Agreement (12 months of tech support)
    We provide Written assurance of MLA’s technical support for the launch and successful operation of your solution.
    Sample MiniMaintenance Agreement
  • 1 Year Promoter License for kNOw Plans™ ($1,500 value)
    Get educated on a game-changing marketing utility for advertising to local consumers. Then enjoy a free one-year fully activated promoter license for kNOw Plans™: The World’s Impulse Utility

Mike Logic's Gift of Intel

How does the gift work?

Purchase the Gift of Intel package directly from these “Buy Now” links on this page.

Call MLA immediately to set up your first video conference. 312.533.5284

We mail the receiving party an official MLA Certificate of Intel as keepsake. This framable document will state that your technical idea has been served to Michael Logic™ for your unique prescription of automation.

Mike Logic's Gift of Intel

Non-Exclusive Consultation

Your Gift of Intel package is not married to the service of Michael Logic Administration. We prescribe your technical solution according to industry standards that can be understood and developed by any reputable engineering firm.

However, MLA will rollover your payment of this Gift of Intel to reduce the cost of your project should you proceed with development with us.

What is kNOw Plans??

Goldman Sachs’ “Data Story for Millennials” shows that the world’s largest demographic lives a lifestyle that breeds impulsive decision making.

After years of research, Chicago based software engineer Michael Logic™ has created the perfect business tool for event producers to capture the revenue stream of last-minute activity planners. kNOw PLANS™ was created specifically to answer the question: “If I want to engage in a local outing in the next hour or so and I have no plans, what source do I check?”

Social media networks are great for interacting with friends and family. Yet Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, & SnapChat are not optimized to provide geo-specific awareness of events in an efficient and consolidated manner. Local classifieds have never given a comprehensive view of all the events taking place in your city at any given moment.

The existence kNOw Plans™ will bring about new practices and benefits for many industries. Mike Logic’s Gift of Intel will give you a headstart in understanding impact of Impulse Data on your business.



Mike Logic's Gift of Intel