What is unique about The Growth Package?

The Growth Package Web Services is specifically for small to medium sized businesses that don’t have the time or lack the technical staff to launch a competitive web presence and/or interactive marketing campaign.   Michael Logic Administration has developed a very simple formula for consolidating all your needs into one customizable monthly growth rate.  At no heavy upfront cost, our savvy TechnoPaths and marketing experts will make sure you are not alone in cyberspace. 

Mike Logic’s Industry Experience

Michael Logic™ has provided over 15 years of consulting for small and large businesses in government and commercial sector.  He applied solutions to virtually every problem a business will face in growing an online presence. His team of technopaths is now providing a solid web service that engages your website in all the right habits to grow your business online.

How Does It Work?


Step 1: Decide on 10 criteria that determine the web solution you want to launch.


Step 2: Get comfortable with paying 1 cost efficient price for all of your web needs.


Step 3: Benefit from MLA tech support who will apply 15 years of solving startup growth problems to your consistent online business growth.



While playing around on social media, you can make some RESIDUAL income by simply referring business owners to a new group of proficient technical heros.

STEP 1:  Submit your special agent mini-application

STEP 2: Receive a text message to set up a quick phone interview

STEP 3: Once you have been assigned a code name, you may begin presenting promo material for MLA’s Growth Package web service to colleagues and business owners.

STEP 4: As new subscribers purchase a Growth Package (discounted by your code name) you will earn 3% RESIDUAL commission on the monthly cost of each subscribers web service.

:: Disclaimer ::

This affiliate marketing program is developed to provide an income opportunity to sharp business professionals of all levels and industries.  It is very feasible that this opportunity can be a small supplement to your monthly income. Some motivated individuals will generate enough referrals to pay a mortgage or school tuition.

Applicants must download and use Cash App (  to receive your commission.  Michael Logic Administration reserves the right to change the delivery method of commission in future updates of the MLA Special Agent Affiliate Marketing Program.

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