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Is Paul Going Out Of Business?

I really want to help you be in business a year from now. Close to 80% of new online businesses do not achieve this anniversary.

Paul Sullivan opened a repair shop focused on his favorite motorcycles. After a while he realized he needed a “basic” website to sell motorcycle parts in addition to repairs to make ends meet. Paul’s goal was to keep expenses as low as possible while starting his repair shop on a tight budget. Mr. Sullivan was focused on providing top notch service to every biker that took a chance on patronizing his new shop.

Since he didn’t have much time, Paul never engaged in any marketing campaigns outside of paying local newspapers and purchasing a few flyers that sat around the customer lounge area. Consequently, his repair shop website got little to no traffic. Sullivan’s shop was not setup to attract searching customers from Google or local potential customers right in his area. A year later, a lack of consistent business has Paul’s shop days away from closing the doors for good.

Mike Logic’s Analysis

For a full year, Mr. Sullivan could have documented his hard work for his customers and made simple updates to his website in the form of testimonials of his good work. Starting as low as $300+, MLA’s Growth Package would have launched a dynamic search engine optimized web app and using consistent online marketing techniques could have Carl’s repair shop in need of expansion instead of foreclosure.

Many startup business owners looking to grow in visibility say, “I just need a basic website”.  We interpret that as,  ”I need a basic growth plan for transforming my simple clean designed website into a revenue generating asset.”  MLA has worked with great developers in virtually every aspect of web development and interactive marketing for over 15 years. Only until, could our experience provide an incredible prescription to automate the key factors needed for you to customize a growth plan that will allow a pro tech firm to substantially increase your probability of being in business “a year from now”.

For instance, one of the biggest growing trends is searching consumers are allow applications to use their location to further assist them in finding what they want. You shouldn’t have to get a Computer Science degree to understand how to maximize with this new data.  Your custom Growth Package will have the latest intel factored into your web presence.