MLA Infographics: Tell A Story With Your Data


Do you have a concise clear message directed to your cultivated audience?
Are you backing this message with factual data?
Infographics are a most cost efficient way to deliver a visually stimulating story
that interlaces your message with your data. Then you can deliver that same consistent visual story to any device via:

  • email
  • text message
  • website/blog
  • social media post
  • poster
  • periodical/magazine
  • physical digital signage

MLA‘s Creative Director is the resident expert on infographic.  Reigning from Howard University and Columbia College, our creative technopaths have mastered their InfoGraphic Design skills by creating commercial-level visuals for many enterprises in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, D.C., Maryland and Virginia areas.  Our main goal is to make your data come alive.  Amazing levels of inception of your message are achieved when your information begins to look “artistic”. Here are a few examples.


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Dynamic Email Layouts


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