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Many Waze to a Billion

Announcing the takeover on June 11th, Brian McClendon, head of Google’s maps business, wrote that Waze (an Isreali and Palo Alto developer) is their latest acquisition costing them $1.1 Billion.  Waze is a mobile application built for mapping and turn-by-turn navigation with a social interactive twist.  Its millions of users provide real-time traffic data to help drivers do things like:

  1. act as traffic cops helping you find the best route to your destination
  2. act as field ops and cartographers flagging and recording updates on accidents and road conditions
  3. point out the gas stations with the cheapest prices along your routes
  4. rebuild up-to-date maps without massive reconstruction of software applications or pricey civil consultants.

WHAT!! Why did Google pay soo much for this ONE app algorithm?

1. The Social Data

A map used to be just a flat piece of paper or simple pre-programmed graphic. The information is limited by the space and scale of the map.   Waze has added social interactivity and turned maps into living things.   Since a projected 70+ million users with be finding many Waze to travel by the end of 2013, it already has a stronghold on the new “location data” pioneer front.

2. The Development Team

The founders, Ehud Shabtai and Amir Shinar had put together a terrific team – “They chose the best and refused to compromise,” an investor said last week.

3. Hindering the competition

Sure, Waze is a wonderfully sound social mapping algorithm. Yet what drove the price up on the Google purchase was their desire to take away this acquisition for its competitors.  Google Maps Dept. did not want Waze growing into a rivaling technical beast in the hands of one of its competitors.  Facebook and Apple also made offers to them before Google won with their substantially higher bid.


One simple innovative algorithm can fuel a whole new ecosystem of ideas and revenue.


Waze technology will be integrated into a new undisclosed Mike Logic mobile app.  This application will be part of the previously announced first “Mike Logic Algorithm Engine” project started by entrepreneur Kevin Jones.  We look forward to delivering you this valuable system by the 4th quarter of 2013.  To get you more efficiently integrated with our upcoming valuable solution we suggest that you download “Waze” for your Android or Apple smartphone and get fimiliar with interactive mapping.  Click the appropriate link below from your mobile device.