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Streets to the BoardRoom

I don’t know … It looks like a blessing from this angle … It always happened … from Chitown to Doom City to New Orleans … the top gangster in the hood would stop what he was doing for a while to holla at Mike Logic.

The respect is mutual .. i never try to act like them .. 24/7 I had a laptop on me and they never overlook my gangster with how I’m #PushinKeys in a different way. I mean … I was one of the first real products of the Age of Information in my community serving technology of another level in a cool palpable format.  Nobody in the hood knew ANYONE that could animate whole mini-discs in Flash tech except a guy that the OG called “The Real Will Smith”.   My drug-pushing, car-jacking, stripper-robbing disenfranchised men would let me talk to them for hours about intellectual parallels to their hustle.  I couldn’t find this type of “go-hard” in a computer lab.   We fed each other.   I wouldn’t shove books, nor religion, nor racial agendas not even stopping the violence down their throat.  Do you know what I spoke of?

Evolution … as it applies to expanding the omnipotence of their courageous risk-taking and money-focused attitudes.  Simply put, Mike Logic was the “idea guy” that would always have new ways/systems/product for them to apply their hustle to in a positive and profitable way.  And they loved it!  Plus my dad and big brother blessed me with this cool factor to communicate on many levels and serve the message the right way:  some dope ass rap music!

As I was becoming a man, learning who I should be, these sessions with complete opposite individuals helped me see that real gangsters would ALWAYS express soo much heart for doing better if they know better.  Without putting my life and dreams in too much jeopardy they also helped me see only a Fugazi gang punks would be proud of pumping poison into his own community for selfish monetary gain.

In honoring the energy received from a fallen OG,  I gained clarity of how MLA TechnoPaths can help heal some of the broken bones that support the body of our communities and families.  Certain hustles are primitive destroying too much and benefiting too little.  Systems I design will always have a secondary agenda of turning polluted hustles into green peace game.


R.I.P. Hatch … the Hatch Loose!  I miss you already! You just hit me about this song last week! smh