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Maintaining Your Human Value

I firmly believe the common human’s perspective of automation eliminating jobs should be corrected. Automation is changing jobs to adapt to an increasingly productive future in which the same ... Read more

Bitcoin Brainstorm

A lot of my friends & family ask me about Bitcoin … Here’s my take: I’m excited about “cryptocurrency”. This is good. For Bitcoin, there IS a treasure amongst ... Read more

What Does It Mean To Be Human?

Here is the paradox you should focus on: Since the existence of schools, corporations and governments humans have been indoctrinated to welcome the suppression of emotions and actions in favor of ... Read more

The RompHim™

Yesterday morning was quite normal until I picked up my phone. I was immediately exposed to what I am certain will be a data phenomenon that MLA can observe analytically to engineer a more ... Read more
Industrial Robot Arm

Artificial Intelligence: The Need for Diverse Data

This area of our technical evolution requires much out of you and I. “Amidst the politics, environmental concerns and social conflicts, we must see that our most important task currently ... Read more

Dick Gregory on AI

MLA Strategic Alliance guru, AnDrea “Fuzzy” Lyn, provided a wonderful opportunity for us to meet the honorable Dick Gregory. During an intimate fireside chat, Mr. Gregory was able to ... Read more


I forged a new music group with my band geek music genius brother Vino.  Our goal is to push an agenda of … Love Every One Now to Avoid the Destruction of Every Earthling. Hence … ... Read more

Is Paul Going Out Of Business?

I really want to help you be in business a year from now. Close to 80% of new online businesses do not achieve this anniversary. Paul Sullivan opened a repair shop focused on his favorite ... Read more

Know someone with a great idea?

Has your loved one been consumed by thoughts of a new technical idea and needs guidance on how to execute? For only $1,500 (a $5,000 value), bring your idea to your Digital Dream Merchants at ... Read more

The Gremlins Metaphor

If you can catch it … I sing the chorus in virtually EXACT TONAL VIBRATION & ACCENT as the “Smart Gremlin” leader in Gremlins II. We find the Smart Gremlin Leader quite ... Read more