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On The Seventh Day He Rested With Chicago Homeless

After spending many days in contemplation about the math surrounding my latest adventure,  I have learned alot from the humility brought by public service.  I use technology to push the envelope of the latest and greatest.  This year my first public words are quite the opposite.  I reverted to strengthening the basics as I answered SW Chicago PADS Executive Director Karyn Perkins’ call for help.

In growing The Way of The TechnoPath (an MLA philosophy), I show a way to develop a balance of the inner creator & outer programmer through an increased understanding of self.  This “Age of Information” has literally enhanced special people with the ability to radiate organic creativity through digital delivery systems.   This may sound a little complex, yet the ideal is simple.  I may refer to the latest project with PADS and finding a way to utilize “Mike Logic Magic” to bring forth a much-needed victory for my hometown.

The Way of The TechnoPath :: 001 No Coincidence

There are no coincidences. Mathematical patterns sometimes reveal themselves during certain periods of time where the average mind can see them as clear an autistic child.

The math of Chicago Homelessness made the answer quite clear.  No law or bailout plan would have the impact of raw organic energy focused at the hearts of our citizens.  Since our calculations showed that Chicago clearly has enough resources, real estate and volunteers to virtually end homelessness in this city.   The raw organic energy that I speak of is what humans call “LOVE”.  Mix that ingredient in with a nice crowd funding web app …. and watch us tell the truth on ourselves.

As I talked to my first young technopaths about what 2014 held in store for us, I felt extremely blessed and happy to show them how to combine tech and organic energy to evolve a community through public service.

The New PADS Website and Donation Campaign