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MLA Finally Does Microsoft

Due to our heavy demand for completely custom interactive and gaming intellectual property, we have not utilized pre-built Microsoft products to satisfy our clients.  Now, with the addition of .NET programmers Kevin Aurora and Amir Kesh, MLA provides enterprise Microsoft solutions.




  • Microsoft Sharepoint™
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV™
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM™
  • Microsoft Dynamics Axapta™

Microsoft Sharepoint™

In today’s workplace, where heterogeneous teams have almost become a norm, collaboration is the key to an organization’s success. As organizations expand and spread their reach across borders, more and more importance is being given to a work environment where employees located in different geographies exchange ideas, documents and information to accomplish common goal. While such high levels of collaboration brings not only diverse functional and technical expertise but also cost effectiveness, it could also lead to confusion if not implemented in a streamlined manner. With employees, vendors and clients spread across different locations, companies are increasingly adopting tools and practices that facilitate collaboration by providing a common platform across the organization for processes such as people management, internal and external communications, documentation and version control. Sharepoint, a web based service to share, organize projects and teams, and discover people and information, is one such tool provided by Microsoft that has made collaborating between teams easier than ever before.

Experienced in Implementations at all levels in an organization:

  • Content management – Web content management, Document management
  • Collaboration & Portal – Intranet portal implementation, Team sites, Social networking sites
  • Search – Federated search, BDC search, Tag based search, Customizable drill down search
  • Integration – Online payment service

We promise to deliver with documented milestones in the following time lines -


Type of Service
Website Migration 25 pages 3 Weeks
Document Library Migration of 10000 docs 3 Weeks
UI Branding 2 Weeks
Business Workflow 1 Weeks
Surveys & Discussion Boards 2 Days
BI & Dashboard 1 Week
Installation & Setup 4 Days
Search & Metadata Setup 2 Days
Integration with external solutions 2 Weeks
Site Provisioning 2 Days
User Profiles & Social Networking 2 Days
Custom Webpart 3 Days

Microsoft Dynamics CRM™

A business is as much about its customers as it is about profits. The numbers are important, no doubt, but they would not be there in the first place but for the customers. Which is why organizations leave nothing to chance when it comes to satisfying their customers. In the current business environment, it is not just enough to satisfy customers, you need to surprise them. And for that organizations have to accurately gauge the pulse of their customers, so that they can meet their needs even before the customers realize they have one. Such high levels of customer service call for in-depth intelligence and accurate qualitative assessment of the customer opinions. CRM, or customer relationship management tools achieve just that, and much more. Having a system that retains all the relevant customer data and has the ability to pull any information in no time also increases the operational efficiency of an organization, thereby reducing costs and eventually maximizing profits. However, the secret to CRM’s success lies in how well it is integrated in the work culture of the employees.

Microsoft offers a feasible and easy solution to fully harnessing the potential of CRM. With Microsoft Dynamic CRM, managing customer relationships becomes not only simpler, but also cost-effective and more insightful. Since MS Dynamic CRM is integrated with Outlook, it gives you the luxury of accessing all your CRM processes with the ease of accessing your mails. With MarketingSales and Service tools all integrated into a single solution, Microsoft Dynamic CRM is a one stop shop for all the CRM needs throughout your business.

There are many features that make Microsoft Dynamics CRM stand out in the crowd-

  • Flexibility – The software package can be run either as a cloud service or as an in-house implementation.
  • Intelligence, Real time – With MS Dynamics CRM, you can access intelligence almost as soon as you have the data. The solution comes with the capability of providing real time insights, enabling you to take accurate decisions with minimum time lag.
  • Maximum Resource Utilization – MS Dynamic CRM has cross browser compatibility and can work on mobile Apps, which enable the employees to access the system anywhere, anytime.
  • Reduced Costs and Scalable Architecture – Since it comes as a full suite of solutions that can run on technologies that most employees are already familiar with, the cost is greatly reduced. The simplicity of tools allow for quicker implementation with minimal coding.

A Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation by MLA can lead up to a 50% reduction in IT spending!

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Running a business in any field requires extreme diligence and meticulousness. Implementing an ERP solution like Microsoft Dynamics NAV incorporates these very qualities into every layer of an organization’s processes, thus taking efficiency to a completely different level and making success a routine.

Why Dynamics NAV?

NAV is the ERP solution for you if your organization is looking for a simpler and cost effective solution. While it is typically suited for an SME – small or medium enterprise, organizations of all sizes can implement NAV according to their requirements. Microsoft Dynamics NAV helps reduce the frequency of unanticipated surprises, monitor the progress of your business and always be up to date with what is happening within the organization. Which means, no more shuffling through papers or scanning through millions of files on your computer.

Microsoft Dynamics Axapta (AX)

Turning your business into an ERP driven entity is by no means a swish-of-the-wand job. It takes various stages in which you select an ERP, implement it throughout the organization and continuously maintain and enhance it to suit the business requirements.

Selecting an ERP solution

With multiple ERP solutions available today, businesses must choose the perfect fit for their organization to suit their individual needs. For large organizations with multinational presence, where deployment of solutions needs to happen across multiple countries, choosing an ERP solution that encompasses all the complex processes poses a unique challenge. Microsoft Dynamics AX is an ERP solution designed specifically to cater to mid to large sized organizations.

Maintenance and Enhancement

“Nothing is constant except change.” The initial implementation is never the final form for any product. Changes keep occurring and solutions keep evolving to keep abreast with the changes. Outsourcing the maintenance of an already implemented enterprise solution to Michael Logic Administration will not only help cut costs to a great extent, but will also bring quality and finesse into the process of maintenance and enhancements. Minimal down time, quick turnover time and minimal errors are some of the qualities organizations can experience when they partner with MLA.

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