SimpleLogic Small Business Solutions

Professionals and small businesses linked into today’s cloud need to focus on one thing when making technical decisions.

You need an extremely simple self-managed mobile and/or web portal that creates a unique impression and serves as your main communication center. Anything else can be considered pre-mature.

After 10+ years of consulting ML Administration has noticed a definite pattern in the successes and failures of our clients.  Being unique will help you create a lasting first impression amongst soo much competition. Once you have their attention, only adding information, services or products to your portal will keep them engaged.  Our developers make it possible for you to get a unique web or mobile presence that you can grow yourself for under $5,000.

Design Previews

ML Administration will provide design preview files to display our idea for your unique approach to your market.  When these files are presented we strive to gain 100% approval on the idea before development can begin.

Mapping of Data Models

We will provide documentation on the best approach to any custom data storage needs your system may need. This will be related to business logic discussed before the initial programming begins.

Quality Assurance

After all initial programming has been compiled and all application functions are testable, Quality Assurance is our buffer phase which will focus on optimizing these functions. Specifically, we will focus on memory usage to keep our application from intermittent crashing and freezing. This phase will also catch any other errors not related to memory usage.

Development Process

The minimum deposit to start development will be a non-refundable 30% of the total project cost. Upon payment, a milestone list will be generated to show the expectation of progress and payment schedule. Verbose documentation will be provided at each milestone to ensure optimal program organization and re-usability.