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Terminating My Pursuit

Every morning I wake up as a rich man. The PURSUIT of happiness should never be on my daily agenda.


Deaf kid using a videophone

Deaf kid using a videophone


In the fall of 2012 I was consulting Wells Fargo™ and New Control (a large marketing firm based out of Japan) on a special project.  Wells Fargo wanted to be the company that set the benchmark for handicapped (deaf, blind and other physical impairments) web technology.  They hired me to create the most technically advanced kiosk presentation of any industry that integrated with JAWS Screen Reader software functionality.  Looking back on it … this project has now changed my life!

Pursue What! I Have Everything!

As I was engineering a program that would impress a certain group of “often-forgotten” users, I realized how hard it would be for me to complete this project if I could not see or hear.  During this retrospective moment I was knocked out of my seat and onto the floor with emotion.  Joy, relief and guilt hit me at the same time and humbled me to bended knee.  Here it is. I am working with a blind analyst named Jeff to test my program for quality assurance.  In my pursuit of happiness, I was frustrated because I had yet to acquire my 4-door Porsche and thoroughbred wife.  I felt guilty for my unwarranted frustrations because Jeff couldn’t even see what a 4-door Porsche nor my future wife looked like.  He was still happy??!

Jeff and The Administration’s Well Fargo project convinced me that I should never again be in the “pursuit of happiness.”  I can see the sun … and Valerie Warner (Windy City Live).  I can distinguish the color green from blue without reading it.  I can hear Jamiroquai bumping out of my home entertainment system.  I can clearly articulate a speech in a room full of executives.  I can use my legs and get from Point A to Point B without any mechanical assistance.  I should never consider myself unhappy or I will unappreciative of the many rich gifts I already possess.

Michael Logic & Wells Fargo™