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Algorithm Engine

The Algorithm Engine's First Pilot

Simplicity and maximum shareability matter most on mobile

I firmly believe this time next year, aspiring  nightlife solutions entrepreneur Kevin Jones will own a multi-million dollar enterprise.


Congratulate Mr. Jones, a George Mason University alumn, for being the first visionary to invest finance in Michael Logic’s new “Algorithm Engine” projects.  Kevin has committed to starting a full business surrounding some innovative software code engineered to address a very specific real-world problem.  Due to the proprietary nature of the neat project being developed, the most we can reveal is the solution will focus on enhance fun for all OUTSIDE of online social networks.

What is an “algorithm”?

The actual word derives from the name of an arabic mathematician, Mohammed ibn-Musa al-Khwarizmi, who was part of the royal court in Baghdad (780 – 850 A.D.).  ”Algorithm” currently means a procedure or formula for solving a problem.  A computer software program can be viewed as an elaborate algorithm.

The Algorithm Engine

The paradigm shift of consumers switching to mostly mobile computing has taken place at a rate twice as fast as predicted in 2009.  This premature shift created a vast amount of opportunities.  A business could generate millions of dollars in revenue by simply creating mobilized solutions to problems that previously could not have been automated properly without the help of a device like a smartphone or cloud-connected tablet.  As a result, Michael Logic Administration has created the Algorithm Engine to provide entrepreneurs and other businesses with a chance to work with our technopaths in creating a whole new business or revenue stream surrounding one of our many valuable, focused algorithms.

The details of the Algorithm Engine will be announced next month.