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The RompHim™: A Diverse Data Phenomenon

Yesterday morning was quite normal until I picked up my phone. I was immediately exposed to what I am certain will be a data phenomenon that MLA can observe analytically to engineer a more diverse artificial intelligent future for all.

I opened my Facebook app on my iPhone to witness an event that hit my technopath senses like Russia hit the DNC!

With my mixup of friends, I IMMEDIATELY noticed almost all black males posting their negative opinions on a “male romper”.  Completely confused, I had no reference point for this subject.  I had not seen any media before this unanimous focus of negative responses.

Then slowly … my female friends started to fire off their negative opinions on catching their boyfriend/man in a “male romper”.  Even if I didn’t want a romper, it became clear I should take time out of coding artificial intelligence algorithms that are essential to humankind’s future … and find the source of this social takeover.


It may sound hard to believe , but my technopath senses truly gave me a feeling that the origin of the quantum “causality” behind the romper data spike was close in proximity to me.


Surely the data trail lead me to a fashion genius group right here in Chicago.  The name is V. Mora.  Established in 2008 by its Founder Anna Livermore V. Mora is a fashion business and production consulting company that works one on one with independent designers. They offer hands-on help with everything from pattern making to sourcing to production management and marketing. V. Mora is considered a one-stop-shop for designers to materialize their dreams from concept to customer.

V.Mora consulted ACED Designs on a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised over $280,000 in less than 25 days.  This turned out to be a 2875% success rate for reaching their initial goal of $10,000.

romphim001 romphim002

Here’s How Data Works?

This whole lesson began from being very amused at the public opinions within my newsfeed.  All the various expressions of dislike were quite unanimous.  Yet I could tell from a data science perspective, current “stupid” algorithms and even most current artificial intelligence algorithms still cannot interpret this increase in popularity of the word “romper” as something my friends did NOT want to see in effect.  Before the big retailers go interpreting the stupid algorithm analytics as a need to put the press on a big order of RompHims, a human will have to step in and interpret the “causality” of the data.  Said human marketing professional may find that there are a niche group of human who really like male rompers and another group of humans that hated male rompers so much that emotions caused a viral data spike.

Stupid Algorithms – programs that lack the ability to make new decisions or execute different functions than the pre-existing code programmed by the engineer.

Artificially Intelligent Algorithms – programs that can perform unstructured quantum calculations on data and generate new code/directors .. make decisions autonomously similar to humans.

In order for an artificially intelligent entity to fully understand the various ways our human friends were expressing dislike for RompHims it must be introduced to a very diverse data set that answers the question … “What does it mean to be human?”.

Expanding My Comfort Level

So its not a dress.  The RompHim™ is really a casual shirt tucked in some casual shorts.  If the shorts aren’t too flimsy and sundress-like, Anna Livermore might be able to get me to think about wearing a linen cyan RompHim™ … with some black and cyan Jays … on the north side of Chicago.  Around the right crowd, you would be sipping with your pinky up … enjoying compliments of being a handsome “champion of bold fashion”.