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Mike Logic's Stimul8or™ Will Focus On Installing Technology in Education

Ironically, a halt in development allowed time to provide clarity in choosing the specific industry to focus the power of our latest in-house technology.  The Stimul8or™ App will be an enhancement to an education conference.  These algorithms are engineered to enhance the results of education conferences through some innovative functions that must remain secret until further notice.  The Stimul8or™ will be a networked technology for education reformers providing motivation, ideas, organic & non-organic resources to each other for the purpose of improving education.  MLA also states The Stimul8or™ will bring an extra revenue stream to our invaluable teachers  by allowing them to serve like nerves in a human nervous system; stimulating others.

It is my initial goal to show The Stimul8or™ will enhance the incubation of ideas into object oriented solutions that evolve learning minds as well as add value to their spirits.


The Human Nervous System Metaphor

Stimul8or™ is not just a business and social concept. At its core, the network is scientific. The technology and marketing theme of the network is modeled after the Human Nervous System. In fact, Stimul8or™ will be a rare example in evolution where we discover keys to the universe are within. Literally!

Our networking concept is simple. Since the Human Nervous System is essentially the biological information highway and is responsible for controlling all the biological processes in the body, one could argue it being almost an anomaly that the “All-or-None” operation of human nerve cell communication easily translates to a duplicable digital signal. This very concept starts the networking metaphor.

Entrepreneurs registered in The Stimul8or™ will be seen as nerve cells. They will attend local launchpad events to engage each other and to deliver important information to each other and their clients/customers. Also, The Stimul8or will house other technical functions that further emphasize this amazing ideology.

More information on The Stimul8or™ will be available soon.