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What Does It Mean To Be Human?

Here is the paradox you should focus on:

Since the existence of schools, corporations and governments humans have been indoctrinated to welcome the suppression of emotions and actions in favor of a more robotically productive society.  Now, scientists are pushing their technology to adopt more human qualities and awareness.

So … what does it mean to be human??

Let’s recall the cassette tape.
Your reality of music now is that your “repeat” function on your preferred music device is instant gratification.  You will never have to worry about the concept of “rewinding” your favorite song to hear it again.   Now apply this type of update to humanity itself.

Thus our whole universe shows us signs that the “definition” of what it means to be human is constantly … evolving.

It is no coincidence that the inevitable need to define humanity has come along with the perfect tool to do so.   Do you feel that cycle?  Do you see that infinite pattern?  You must trouble yourself with this complex thought that needs to be placed into your belief system.


What Job?

You work where?  Huh?  No you don’t.
Do you know why?  Regardless of your opinion, the reality of job tasks being automated means we all have to graduate to another school of thought.  First, we have to understand we are in the decade of creating the last machines we will have to create as humans.  Because after the proper implementation of artificial intelligence, our creations will be creating themselves.  This will happen fast.

Again.  Go back to the cassette tape.
Can you imagine being upset because you do NOT have to wait for your tape to rewind to hear your playlist??  Such misplaced anger would be preposterous right?  I know it may be hard to envision right now, but apply that same logic to the concept of a “job”.

Mike Logic’s Theory of Calculating The Human Soul
In non-religious context, a human will evolve to a quantum calculation and proof of one’s biological predestination of purpose when life is void of primitive belief systems and actions derived by the pre-quantum concept of human labor/job duty.  This unique calculation of an organic entity shall be an artificial representation of what most humans currently call a soul.

Currently we work to live. Then we live to become aware.
Very soon we shall be the cassette tape upgraded … no “rewind” time on your life.  Daily we will wake up and simply be excited to expand our awareness.

For instance …
with the new existence of autonomous trucks, truck driving professionals now have to look at redefining themselves to maintain during the transition to a world of AI labor.  MLA firmly believes we can enrich the lives of over 3.5 million American truckers by using AI to enhance the individual … while saving shippers and carriers time and money. Our current solution, DashHaul™, operates in an Uber-like manner with over 2 years of freight logistics automation data and optimized practices.  DashHaul v3.0 will apply AI to the trucker lifestyle and bring a myriad of benefits that even enrich family time outside of work.  The beauty of each trucker contributing to the machine learning of DADDI™ (DashHaul Automated Driver Dialogue Interface) is our expert freight artificial intelligence entity will soon show companies like JB Hunt the amazing benefits of being an “expert of each individual human resource” along with everyone else’s idea of simply automating protocol.


Your Great Grandkids Won’t Know How To “Lie”

(Excuse my language … I need to shake your cola out of your hand.)
Please throw away the bullshit fear-inducing hollywood depictions of world-ending artificial intelligence fluff that wouldn’t even compile in real life.  No one blames a movie producer for trying to fill some seats, yet I assure you the manifestation of our reality will be much less dramatically unstable.



Since artificial intelligence can help humans see things in self that we could not see before such quantum control, our AI assistance will grow to “overstand” us. In result, your AI can teach you more about your favorite subject: YOU.

The more one knows … the more one can do.  I dare you to imagine with me an AI human bonding expert, conceptualized by Michael Logic™, that will grow to “overstand” human-to-human communication so well that we use SmartLove™ (coming soon) to use more of our dormant brain for a deeper organic connection.  Similar to Bluetooth™ tech,  SmartLove™ can organically help your whole family evolve to where a “lie” is obsolete because you all know what everyone is thinking and saying.  Before one could fear the thought of implanting cold, erroneous metal into their organically superior body, MLA would have the innovative intelligence to enhance what we already know is inside of you via quantum calculations.  AI could free your great grandkids from getting hurt with a “lie”.   wow.  (It’s possible .. and you can balance your mind by knowing we would have “other” human obstacles by then. hehe)